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Is a Mobile Surveillance Camera System Right for Your Business? 

Closeup of a security camera mounted on the back of a vehicle. 

Improve Your On-Site Security With Flexible Surveillance Solutions 

It takes work to protect a business. Threats could come out of nowhere and at any time. From the weather to crime waves, conditions often change drastically from one day to the next. 

At Cameras Onsite, we are leaders in commercial security solutions in Fort Worth, TX. From car dealerships and recycling facilities to oil and gas fields, our clients trust us with protecting their properties. 

When it comes to versatile, on-the-go security, we know there is no better choice than a mobile surveillance camera system. It could be a tool to complement your existing system during an emergency or a surveillance tower at a concert venue. 

Here are three situations where a mobile surveillance camera system may be the best choice for your business. 

4 Reasons a School Surveillance System is a Must-Have

students standing in the corridor of a school

Create a safe environment for students by adding surveillance cameras

When you run a school, it is your responsibility to ensure your students and staff remain safe while on campus. To do so, you must integrate comprehensive school security solutions. While there are multiple additions you can make to add an extra layer of security, a school surveillance system will always remain one of the priorities. Read on to learn the top 4 reasons your school in Fort Worth, TX, needs a surveillance system.

School Alarm Systems: Your First Line of Defense

 A child running along a school hallway. 

Proactive and Preemptive Protection Against Emergencies, Accidents, and Violent Threats

Student safety is a significant concern for teachers, parents, and students across the US. Unfortunately, school staff and administrators must remain vigilant. So do we! At Cameras Onsite, we deliver industry-leading security automation and management technologies to clients in Fort Worth, TX.

When it comes to our students, we design and install advanced school alarm systems in the great state of Texas to ensure your school never has to be a statistic. From surveillance cameras and live security monitoring to access control and virtual security guard service, we offer a range of products for our clients.

Learn how our alarm systems are your first line of defense against natural emergencies, accidents, and violent threats. 

Crime Never Sleeps. Neither Should Your Security System

 A woman sitting and working at a desk with laptop and two computer monitors.

Why Hiring a Security Monitoring Service is an Essential Component of Commercial Security Systems 

Since crime never naps on the job, it makes sense for your commercial security system to stay awake 24/7. Unfortunately, great equipment alone is not always enough. Criminals could always cut a wire, or something as common as a power outage could take out your entire system.

At Cameras Onsite, we offer the premium products, expertise, and security monitoring service to give you the peace of mind you need. We are the leading live video monitoring company in San Antonio, TX, offering 24/7 US-based support to our clients. 

Here are the top three reasons you should let the experts manage and monitor your commercial security system.

How About a Virtual Security Guard to Look Over Your Business?

A security camera using face recognition on a group of people passing by.

Here Are 3 Advantages of Using a Virtual Security Guard System Over Traditional Options!

Whether you're in the office, at home, or miles away on a business trip, it is never a good idea to leave our business unattended. It doesn’t matter if you manage an oil rig, a vacant property, or an apartment building. Having your own virtual security guard ensures your property is well protected 24 hours a day. 

At Cameras Onsite, we have been helping clients in Dallas, TX protect and monitor their businesses for over two decades. During all these years, we have been at the forefront of innovation as technology changes our industry. A virtual security guard is one of the most complete and advanced of our security services.

If the name alone isn’t cool enough, here are three advantages of using a virtual security guard over any traditional security guard system. 

Security Camera Installation for Your Peace of Mind

Employees working in an office at night, the space is well-lit

Protect Your Business and Deter Criminals with Quality Solutions

When you’re running your own company, quality security solutions are essential. After all, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, so it’s a good idea to secure your assets in case anything were to go wrong. At Cameras Onsite, we offer security camera installation for busy owners who are seeking to rid themselves of stress and take a few things off of their plates.

We serve businesses in Fort Worth, TX, by offering their owners effective security solutions to protect everything they’ve worked so hard to build. Security camera installations will also make your employees and patrons feel at ease when entering your establishment each day. Keep reading to learn more about all the ways we can help you protect your commercial space 

Protect Your School with Proactive Security Solutions

Students are sitting in desks, the teacher is turned to face the class as one student raises his hand.

Learn How School Alarm Systems Can Increase Student Safety

You want your students to have access to a quality education, but how can you offer that if they don’t feel safe? School alarm systems are essential to the safety and well-being of young learners. In a secure environment, students can focus better and do their best work. 

With a security solution from Cameras Onsite, you’ll be able to protect your school property in Fort Worth, TX, and provide an environment that gives students (and their parents) greater peace of mind. Please keep reading to discover the benefits of investing in a school alarm system. 

Get 24/7 Protection with a Security Monitoring Service

man at desk looking at tablet with photos of different areas of a building

Protect your business from threats with managed security systems

Have you ever wondered what the perfect security system looks like? Certainly, smart cameras, access controls, and remote access come into play. However, another important component you need for advanced security at your business is a security monitoring service. With managed surveillance, your security system takes an even more proactive approach to protect your property, assets, and people. 

Read on to discover how monitoring services can benefit your San Antonio, TX, business. 

How to Protect Your Construction Sites When Night Falls

Two men on a construction site looking over the plans.

Keep an Eye on Your Property from Anywhere in the World

Unfortunately, as those in the construction industry know, theft is all too common. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, almost 1,000 pieces of commercial equipment are reported stolen monthly. The equipment’s value and the ease with which thieves can steal and move it are two key factors. 

New pieces of equipment are more likely to be stolen and those with high resale values, such as loaders, tractors, mowing equipment, forklifts, generators, and compressors. The annual cost of equipment theft ranges from an estimated $300 million to $1 billion. And the reported recovery rate is less than 20%. 

Just last summer, three people were arrested in connection with the theft of more than $45,000 of lumber and building materials in Johnson, Parker, and Tarrant counties. 

Construction site security includes rendering equipment difficult to move after hours by putting it in a “wagon-train circle” and placing easily moved items in the center. Along with these strategies, for those in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, TX, Cameras Onsite offers the best protection in the industry, detecting an average of 4,630 events daily across multiple industries and deterring 3,200 crimes. 

Let’s explore the steps you can take to keep your construction site secure.

How Security Camera Installation Can Help Your Business

Dome security camera located inside a building entrance with glass doors and windows.

Location Matters in Security Camera Installation

If you care about the success of your business as well as protecting your people, valuable information, and property, then commercial security is vital. A professional security camera installation not only captures footage of wrongdoings; it can also help prevent crime.

The truth is you can’t be onsite 24/7. In fact, you may not be able to afford to pay for security guards to watch over your business when the lights go out. And even if you can, they can’t monitor every square inch of your building all the time. 

Continue reading to learn how a security camera installation becomes your eyes, ears, and alarm at your Fort Worth, TX business.




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