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With Motion Detection, You Are Always Protected!

A ceiling-mounted Avigilon smart camera.

What Can a Motion Detector Alarm Do for Your Business? 

Protecting your business in Houston, TX, around the clock is not easy. New threats and security risks emerge every day, and it is essential to stay up to date on the latest technologies. 

At Cameras Onsite, we stay informed so you don’t have to, and design and install the best video monitoring and surveillance systems in Texas. Among the top recommendations for our clients is installing a commercial motion detector alarm system. With it, they can create a geofence around a business, effectively protecting their property and personnel at all times. 

Read on to learn how we design and install motion detection alarm systems to keep our clients and their businesses safe across Texas.

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Why a Motion Detector Alarm is Vital for Commercial Security

a security camera with motion detector alarm installed in a building

Motion sensors minimize security issues and keep you informed 24 hours a day

No matter the type of business you manage, commercial security is always essential to ensure the safety of employees and guests and a well-protected property. While you may already have multiple security features on your property, such as surveillance cameras and access controls, one that you may have overlooked is a motion detector alarm

What is a motion sensor alarm, and how can it add another layer of protection to your business in Houston, TX? Read on to find out. 

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Create a More Secure Space with a Motion Detector Alarm

A security camera with a motion detector alarm system installed in a commercial space

Boost security at your commercial property by adding a motion-based camera and alarm system

Motion sensors have become an integral part of security systems. They can easily detect movements in restricted areas of a property and notify you and the authorities immediately. The goal of these devices is to offer advanced and personalized security solutions for commercial and residential spaces. The best part is that they provide complete protection of even large-scale properties - inside and out.

Pair a motion detector alarm system with thermal imaging cameras, audio and light deterrence, and virtual security guards, and your property will be perfectly protected. Read on to discover how motion-based alarm systems can boost security in your commercial space in Houston, TX.

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