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Why Trust A Facial Recognition Company With Your Business Security

A security camera mounted to a brick building.

AI Technology and Smart Security Keeps Your Business More Secure

You need to keep your business safe for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s crucial to the health and safety of your employees. Second, a secure business means there is a significantly less chance for theft and vandalism on your property, which saves you money. However, you need more than just a basic video surveillance system for total protection. 

Advances in technology and AI have created many comprehensive security systems that not only monitor your business but can help you search for and identify the perpetrator in your video footage with facial recognition technology. Keep reading to discover why you should trust a facial recognition company with your San Antonio, TX business.

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Create a Watch List

Cameras Onsite trusts companies like Avigilon because of their premium technological capabilities and AI offerings. For example, Avigilon’s facial recognition technology allows you to create a watch list of people you want to keep off your property. So if you are experiencing the same perpetrators over and over again or have certain people banned from your property, your security system can help you keep them away. Authorized users can add, delete, and edit your watch list. 

Alarms When Persons of Interest Are Recognized

You will receive an immediate alert if your cameras detect suspicious activity or a person on your watch list. Because of its AI facial recognition technology, your camera can compare the faces of people on your property to those on your watch list. This allows your system to immediately detect unwanted intruders so that you can respond quickly, limiting damage to your property. And just in case the authorities need proof or help identifying the intruder, you’ll be able to show them your video footage easily. . 

Just the Beginning

We are just beginning to learn how to use AI and machine learning to enhance security systems. Security systems will continue to develop to harness AI for more advanced functions, all working to protect customers’ businesses. By installing and trusting facial recognition technology now, you and your business will benefit from future technology. 

Cameras Onsite provides unique, customizable security and monitoring systems to businesses across Texas. We offer two solutions: mobile and fixed cameras. So whether you run a stationary parking lot or a construction company whose sites move around, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive security solution. We can also help apartment complexes, car dealerships, recycling facilities, oil and gas sites, and more. 

We’re proud to help so many Texas businesses across the state. Contact us if you need a customizable and comprehensive security solution for your San Antonio business. We look forward to helping you secure your property and protect your business.




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