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The Benefits and Features of Parking Lot CCTV

A parking lot structure at night.

Parking Lot Security Cameras Can Protect Your Property and Customers

Parking lots can be prime targets for thieves in Houston, TX. In many instances, they are crimes of opportunity, such as someone seeing packages inside a vehicle or walking by an unlocked car. Others are intentional and often occur at night when fewer people are in the vicinity, and the criminal feels less vulnerable. Potential crimes include theft, assault, stolen vehicles, vehicle damage, and break-ins.

Fortunately, you can reduce the occurrence of crimes and keep a watchful eye on your property with parking lot CCTV cameras. According to a study at Cornell University, the use of CCTV resulted in a 51% decrease in parking lot crimes. 

Let’s explore what these systems offer and how Cameras Onsite makes the process of integrating security cameras effortless.

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What Is CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, and it's typically used in public spaces to prevent crime. It also provides vital evidence should a crime occur, offering invaluable security camera footage that supports police in identifying and prosecuting suspects.

More importantly, it improves your customers’ safety. At Cameras Onsite, we provide fixed and mobile CCTV solutions, enabling flexible options that work for any property and parking lot. A site survey and past history allow our team to determine the best placement, monitoring particularly susceptible areas.

What Features Are Found on CCTV?

Our cameras possess unusual activity and motion detection monitoring, facial and license plate recognition, and self-learning analytics. They can determine if someone is loitering, acting oddly, driving erratically, or trespassing. If a hit-and-run accident occurs, license plate recognition can help police track down the offender. When this or anything unusual occurs, you'll receive an immediate smartphone push notification, enabling you, your security personnel, or our monitoring team to check the cameras to see if a response is required. 

Thermal imaging enables night vision, a critical feature considering it’s the time when most crimes occur. These security cameras also help enhance operations, identifying choke points or potentially blind spots. Depending on your property’s history and your insurance company, the use of CCTV may even reduce your insurance rates.

Why Work with Cameras Onsite?

Cameras Onsite is the leading mobile video surveillance trailer and parking security system company serving the great state of Texas. With over 20 years of experience and several patents, we pride ourselves on our innovative technology and expert-level industry knowledge. 

Our U.S.-based remote monitoring team keeps an eye on your parking lot 24/7, immediately notifying you and law enforcement in the event of an emergency. The result is an unprecedented sense of safety for you and your customers. To learn more about parking lot CCTV systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Cameras Onsite today. 




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