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For cell tower, substation, and power plant security, you need more than a fence with a heavy-duty padlock. Get real-time site awareness and prevent theft, accidents, and vandalism with comprehensive surveillance solutions from Cameras Onsite.
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Critical power plants, substations, and cellular networks power the world we live in today, so protecting these sites is paramount in today’s society. Taking command of security doesn’t need to be complicated, though. Take a look below at just some of the latest security system features we can incorporate with our all-in-one systems.

Live Video Monitoring

Connect to live camera surveillance of your Fort Worth substation, monitor motion alerts, and more remotely by using your phone.

Camera Health Monitoring

There’s no need to drive to remote cell towers after storms to check on devices when you can check and fix device connectivity from your smartphone.

Audio & Light Deterrence

Vandalism and theft are common power plant security issues. Illuminate areas and respond with audio sirens when a thief is detected.


Low-light and no-light environments aren’t an issue for our high-resolution thermal security cameras.


Trespassers and thieves know that cell towers are often left unattended on holidays and in the evenings when essential staff go home. This leaves your entire Fort Worth or Austin tower vulnerable when it matters most.


With the help of the Cameras Onsite remote monitoring team, you can have an eye on the entire cell tower property from the palm of your hand. Check live and recorded footage, check security camera connectivity and health, and more with our patented systems designed for rural and city towers. Save money by not replacing damaged equipment or stolen materials, and consider this proactive and reactive security solution.

Camera Onsite’s bespoke systems are customized to suit your needs. Cell towers on leased or owned land remain protected with cutting-edge security features and you can continue serving the Fort Worth or Austin communities with no issues.


Without effective security solutions in place, your power plant is in danger. Nuclear energy, coal, solar, wind, and hydroelectric power plants all have valuable turbines, generators, or generators that need constant supervision. Your employees take vacation time off, but your security solutions cannot!


Maintaining a presence at your plant is easier than ever when you have the professionals at Cameras Onsite develop a personalized security solution. View live and recorded footage with AI-enabled cameras, monitor equipment with specially-crafted thermal security cameras, and deter potential thieves with a robust security and surveillance presence.

Fixed and mobile camera solutions are all at your disposal for power plant security in Fort Worth, Austin, or Dallas, plus you can check footage remotely from a smartphone. Protect your investments, your employees, and your community with Camera Onsite’s surveillance camera systems.


Frequently, critical substations are secured with only a fence and a heavy-duty padlock. This simply will not suffice for such an integral component of the Fort Worth-area community. Non-stop security coverage is needed to prevent and respond to thieves and vandals.


Imagine protecting your substation with a security guard that worked 24/7/365. It may sound impossible, but it’s not when you work with the expert team at Cameras Onsite. Our 100% USA-based remote monitoring team serve as your virtual security guard, day and night, weekends and holidays, and every day in-between. Smart security systems send notifications to your smartphone, so you’re never left in the dark when an incident arises.

Motion sensing technology, AI-informed cameras, license plate recognition, and more are all at your command with the exemplary virtual guard services provided by Cameras Onsite.


Schedule a security consultation for your rural or local cell tower, substation, or power plant facility in Austin, Fort Worth, and beyond. Cameras Onsite is here for you!
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