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Protecting Companies with a Thermal Imagery Camera

An excavator behind a fence at sunset.

Businesses Prone to Theft After Dark Benefit from Infrared Technology

Several industries attract thieves due to their easy accessibility and lack of security after everyone leaves for the day. Construction sites and car dealerships fall into this category. One construction site in Indianapolis reported being broken into so many times that they’d lost count. 

Car dealerships face another issue—millions of dollars of inventory on their lots. As car theft has increased, so have the thieves targeting dealers. MarketWatch reported a 25 percent increase in motor vehicle thefts from 2019 to 2022 and 500,000 vehicles stolen in the first six months of 2023.

So, what can these industries do to protect themselves? Mobile video surveillance with audio and lighting deterrence and 24/7 monitoring offers one of the best approaches to securing your property. However, as most of these thefts occur at night, these systems require a thermal imagery camera to clearly watch your Houston, TX, business.

Discover what these cameras offer and how they protect businesses like yours.

4 Use Cases for Thermal Imagery Cameras in Your Houston Business


Explore the Practical Uses of Thermal Imagery Cameras 

As camera technology continues to evolve, it presents new capabilities that can improve security support for local businesses. Thermal imagery cameras are among these evolutions, offering greater abilities to identify potential security threats before they cause damage to your property. Continue reading to explore four practical use cases for thermal imagery cameras in your Houston, TX, area business.


Thermal imagery cameras capturing images of people walking in a public setting and outlining them in a blue square.


In most commercial establishments, burglaries occur after everyone has gone home and the building or area is empty. Criminals tend to feel protected by the night, less visible, and able to get into and out of a property undetected. Weather events that reduce visibility can also conceal their location.

Fortunately, a thermal imagery camera can capture images in the darkest night and under any weather conditions. Should a thief attempt to burglarize your business, the camera will spot them and alert managers or security personnel. Let’s explore these cameras’ features and how they help protect businesses in the Houston, TX, area.

Replacing Aging School Security Systems with Today’s Tech

A group of college students listening to a lecture

The Benefits of Upgrading School Security with Thermal Imagery Cameras

In response to the recent rise in perilous campus events and growing concern over students’ well-being, national and state lawmakers have passed multiple bills providing funds for schools to help them secure their premises. One of the security devices schools in Houston, TX, are turning to are security cameras, particularly the thermal imagery camera.

Let’s explore what these devices offer and how they can help protect your students, teachers, and staff.

How Analytics Enhance Performance of Thermal Imagery Cameras

Security camera attached to a brick building

Increase Security at Your Business With Advanced Surveillance Cameras

We are in the midst of a technology boom with the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics such as artificial intelligence (AI). These concepts used to sound futuristic to us, almost imaginative. Still, today they are the reality and changing the security industry. 

Self-learning video analytics have advanced security and can include thermal imagery cameras to improve property surveillance and reduce the number of false alarms. So if your business in Houston, TX, is considering security enhancements, a thermal imagery camera is a high-tech solution worth the investment. 

Read below to learn more about thermal imagery cameras and how advanced analytics have made them more intelligent devices.

Thermal Imagery Cameras Keep Eyes on Every Inch of Your Property


Protect Your Commercial Spaces with This Advanced Security Solution

Ensuring that your commercial property stays secure and well protected is no easy undertaking. Whether you manage a car dealership, oil rig, construction site, or other spaces with plenty of moving parts – there will always be obstacles that get in the way of viewing your property.

Intense weather, low lighting, and larger objects in the way, to name a few, can all create partial views or prevent you from seeing them entirely. However, a thermal imagery camera installation from our team at Cameras Onsite can keep an eye on your Houston, TX property at all times.

Want to learn more about thermal imaging and our top-notch services and solutions? Keep reading on below.




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