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Why a Motion Detector Alarm is Vital for Commercial Security

a security camera with motion detector alarm installed in a building

Motion sensors minimize security issues and keep you informed 24 hours a day

No matter the type of business you manage, commercial security is always essential to ensure the safety of employees and guests and a well-protected property. While you may already have multiple security features on your property, such as surveillance cameras and access controls, one that you may have overlooked is a motion detector alarm

What is a motion sensor alarm, and how can it add another layer of protection to your business in Houston, TX? Read on to find out. 


What Are Motion Sensor Alarms?

A motion sensor alarm system is a security device that utilizes acoustic, microwave, or optical sensors to detect movements in the surrounding area. It is a part of an effective commercial security system that identifies intruders and alerts you when a threat is detected, or a pre-programmed security event is triggered. 

A motion sensor improves the reach and effectiveness of your security system. It includes three main parts:

  • Sensors: The sensor emits a signal that may be infrared, microwave, or ultrasonic. 
  • Receiver: The receiver captures the signal emitted by the motion sensors.
  • Electronic Control Panel: The control panel is responsible for interpreting the signals generated by the motion sensors and turning them into usable data. This is the “brain” of the motion sensor that identifies, records, processes, and alerts. 

The Role of Motion Sensor Alarms 

Let’s look at how a motion sensor functions with a commercial security system. 

1. Mitigates Security Threats

Motion sensor alarms are designed to prevent trespassing, theft, property damage, and other security breaches. The alarm system instantly notifies when it detects movement, allowing you more time to call for help before things get out of hand. Smart motion sensors can even tell the difference between animals and humans, so false alerts are minimal. 

2. Hidden Installation

Unlike other security features, motion detectors remain hidden. While visible installations may deter unseasoned thieves, experienced criminals are far more skilled and can disarm certain security cameras or alarm systems. However, sensor-based alarm systems that are located in conspicuous places detect a person before they even realize it. When someone trespasses, the alarm system can even send a silent alert to you, trigger a loud alarm, or both. 

3. Works in Sync with Other Security Features

Just like all your other security features, a motion sensor can be integrated with your entire security system, including security cameras and even lighting. As soon as motion is detected, the security cameras begin recording with indoor or outdoor lights flooding the area, allowing you to capture a clear image of the intruder. Best of all, modern-day motion sensor alarm systems are cloud-based and can easily be managed using smartphones or other mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, and computers.

Add a motion detector alarm to your Houston, TX, building today. It’s the ultimate commercial security solution for your business. Cameras Onsite can help with the integration. Call (877) 418-2268 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details. 




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