Face Detection Amps Up Your Commercial Security System

Smart security cameras utilizing face detection technology are mounted on the outside of a building.

Upgrade Your Smart Security for Peace of Mind

You have people coming and going through your company building’s front doors every day. More often than not, they’re employees, familiar guests, or maintenance staff you recognize. But what about when unfamiliar faces start to show up, either consistently or not? When you can’t pinpoint why someone is on your Dallas, TX property, it can start to get worrisome.

By upgrading your Dallas, TX commercial security system, you can gain peace of mind. Surveillance cameras with face detection technology let you know who is coming and going from the premises – and keep track of them for you!

Want to learn more about this advanced security solution? Keep reading below.

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Know When Something Is Off – Immediately!

Smart security features stand out because of how quickly you’ll be notified when something isn’t right. And with face detection technology, your smart cameras will let you know the moment someone or something is off on your Texas property. So whether a van has been parked and idling by the curb, an unknown person has been showing up on the premises for no apparent reason, or consistent loitering has been happening nearby – your system’s advanced video analytics and AI will pick up on it! Unfamiliar people and things won’t go unnoticed. Once detected, our remote monitoring team will send an instant notification to your smartphone or device to let you know immediately so that you can take appropriate action.

With facial and license plate recognition, motion detection, object tracking, Adaptive IR and Appearance Search from Avigilon, and many more self-learning features – your surveillance system will always be on top of its game, alerting you whenever unusual activity is present.

Cameras Onsite Has Your Company’s Safety Top of Mind

We know how important the protection of your employees and company is to you – and we make it our utmost priority with every aspect of our smart security system installations. When your surveillance system includes advanced face detection technology, you can rest easier knowing that only designated employees and guests are allowed onto your premises in the DFW area.

Every business and team is unique and each requires a bespoke surveillance system that accommodates specific specific needs. From the system layout and camera installation locations, the Cameras Onsite team takes every component into consideration. We ensure that your smart security features are completely optimized with every use, every day.

Want to learn more about face detection technology for your company’s security system in Dallas? Give our team at Cameras Onsite a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!




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