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How Analytics Enhance Performance of Thermal Imagery Cameras

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Increase Security at Your Business With Advanced Surveillance Cameras

We are in the midst of a technology boom with the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics such as artificial intelligence (AI). These concepts used to sound futuristic to us, almost imaginative. Still, today they are the reality and changing the security industry. 

Self-learning video analytics have advanced security and can include thermal imagery cameras to improve property surveillance and reduce the number of false alarms. So if your business in Houston, TX, is considering security enhancements, a thermal imagery camera is a high-tech solution worth the investment. 

Read below to learn more about thermal imagery cameras and how advanced analytics have made them more intelligent devices.

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Why Choose a Thermal Imagery Camera

Most theft and vandalism-related crimes take place during the nighttime. Typical security cameras may not be able to detect intruders through the darkness, but thermal imagery cameras can. By detecting invisible heat radiation, thermal cameras capture levels of infrared light as images. These cameras work in darkness, rain, or fog to identify motion, people, animals, and more. In addition, they detect bodies through camouflage or hiding behind objects. 

Cameras include the options of expandable storage and audio capabilities, so security teams can quickly identify credible threats. With the ability to "see" in the darkness, your security teams will be more productive and protect your area from vandalism or theft.

Analytics Enhances Security

Thermal imagery cameras from Cameras Onsite are equipped with the latest self-learning Avigilon analytics. These smart cameras recognize suspicious movement while ignoring certain types of motion that aren’t security threats, such as a stray cat. In addition, a camera with advanced analytics identifies threats even in a crowded space because it learns what a threat looks like over time - even identifying faces and unusual movements. 

Avigilon analytics are driven by artificial intelligence and learn through experience. Security teams teach the device by providing feedback after events, such as false alarms or security breaches.

Before video analytics, security teams would have turned down the camera's sensitivity after several false alarms. Chasing false alarms is a distraction that keeps security personnel away from central control. But, with the Avigilon analytics technology, the feedback on false alarms increases the system's sensitivity because the camera learns what a non-threat looks like, resulting in far fewer false alarms.

Protect Your Business

Thermal imagery cameras are perfect for protecting oil and gas rigs, car dealerships, utility substations, recycling facilities, and more. The solutions we deliver from Cameras Onsite are customized to meet the demands of your Houston, TX, business. So give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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