Protect Your Business with an Advanced Security Camera Installation

a person installing a security camera on a bricked wall

Impressive surveillance camera features that will make your business security foolproof

Managing a business comes with its fair share of responsibilities, but security is the most critical one of all. Every business needs security solutions to ensure employees and property remain safe from internal and external threats.

While different devices are needed to form a foolproof system, with a professional security camera installation, you can get an all-in-one solution that will give you peace of mind that your company is safe, even after business hours. 

Read on to discover how enterprise grade surveillance cameras can protect your business in Fort Worth, TX. 


Advanced Analytics 

Enhance your security with cameras that do more than just record. Instead, they incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to better identify threats. If something out of the ordinary occurs, the cameras quickly identify suspicious activity and dispatch alerts to your mobile device, your security team, or a professional monitoring station. With automated detection, appropriate action can be taken quickly. 

Thermal Imaging

A business needs a complete security package that offers indoor and outdoor solutions that work 24/7. Fortunately, modern cameras come with thermal imaging capabilities that can detect objects, people, and structures with temperature detection. 

This allows you to keep a constant check on the outdoor areas of your company, even in unfavorable weather conditions, such as fog, mist, etc. Since these cameras focus on detecting temperature, it does not matter if you can’t get a clear view or optimal lighting. If a person or car is detected in a low-activity zone, you will immediately receive a security alert on your phone.

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition is also an integral feature of modern surveillance cameras. Your database can store the license plate numbers of all the vehicles of employees and clients that frequently visit your business. If a new plate is ever detected, the cameras can immediately pick up the number and send it to the security team for further investigations. It is also an effective solution when any suspicious vehicles are found lurking around your business. 

Facial Recognition

Like license plate recognition, smart security cameras also have facial recognition capabilities, allowing them to recognize employees and clients. This is a great and quick access control tool. If a face outside the database is detected, entry can be blocked and an alert sent to your security team to address. 


Keep your business protected at all times with a professional security camera installation. Cameras Onsite can help you with the integrations. We work with the most trusted security brands to ensure you get a foolproof system that’s immune to breaches. Call (877) 418 – 2268 to get started on your project today. You can also reach out to our team by filling out an easy online contact form.




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