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Create a Safer Workplace for Employees with Facial Recognition Technology

A security camera system installed with facial recognition technology in a commercial space

Boost your company's security by implementing biometric facial recognition on-premises

Biometric systems recognize an individual based on different characteristics, such as eyes, fingerprints, etc. In the case of biometric facial recognition, a person's facial features are used.

The software used in such systems is advanced and can even distinguish identical twins. Rather than scanning the overall appearance of an individual, the algorithm focuses on each facial feature, including the jaw length, depth of the eye sockets, nose width, etc.

Even if someone changes their hairstyle or starts growing facial hair, the system can still recognize the person. It is an excellent way to boost security in commercial spaces to keep your workers safe.

Read on to discover how facial recognition technology can benefit your commercial space in Fort Worth, TX.


Access Control

Implementing access control in your commercial space is the best way to boost security. It prevents unauthorized access, which helps keep your office safe for everyone.

While there are multiple ways to implement access control, the best way is via multi-factor authentication. You can add biometric facial recognition as one of your solutions. Unlike other options, like PIN codes or keycards, facial recognition is safer and cannot be copied. There is zero risk of security breach as no one else can copy someone's facial features.

Access control can be implemented in sensitive areas of your workplace where only hand-picked employees can enter.

Synchronization with the Attendance System

The days of marking manual attendance at workplaces are long gone. You can integrate the facial recognition system in sync with the attendance and payroll. It allows employees to time in or time out with ease. As a result, data gathering and organization become hassle-free.

Keep a Check on Employee and Visitor Activity

It can be challenging to keep a check on all the visitors and employees in your commercial space. But with biometric facial recognition, it is possible to see who entered or exited the building at a particular time. If an accident occurs, you can quickly get the data of all workers and visitors present within minutes.

Integrate surveillance cameras with the facial recognition system, and you'll be able to pinpoint the exact location of any person.

Are you ready to add facial recognition technology to your commercial space in Fort Worth, TX? Cameras Onsite can help you implement the best access control and surveillance systems. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (877) 418 - 2268 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.




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