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Is a Mobile Surveillance Camera System Right for Your Business? 

Closeup of a security camera mounted on the back of a vehicle. 

Improve Your On-Site Security With Flexible Surveillance Solutions 

It takes work to protect a business. Threats could come out of nowhere and at any time. From the weather to crime waves, conditions often change drastically from one day to the next. 

At Cameras Onsite, we are leaders in commercial security solutions in Fort Worth, TX. From car dealerships and recycling facilities to oil and gas fields, our clients trust us with protecting their properties. 

When it comes to versatile, on-the-go security, we know there is no better choice than a mobile surveillance camera system. It could be a tool to complement your existing system during an emergency or a surveillance tower at a concert venue. 

Here are three situations where a mobile surveillance camera system may be the best choice for your business. 

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Protection Any Time 

Mobile surveillance systems offer most of the benefits of traditional alternatives. You can view and monitor live video footage and have any emergencies communicated directly to your phone. 

But what if there is a blind corner on a construction site? Or a poorly lit parking spot behind an apartment complex? 

Sniper cameras give panoramic views of an entire site, even in low-level lighting conditions. We can also configure audio and light deterrence functions into your mobile surveillance system. 

Combined with our patented virtual security guard, you get specialized mobile cameras with 24/7 management and monitoring services from a highly trained US-based support team. 

Stay Ahead of Threats 

No matter how secure your business is, there is no guarantee against someone trying to break in. So, why not take a proactive approach to surveillance? 

Brands like Avigilon, for example, design and engineer cameras with thermal imaging, AI analytics, and industry-leading processing power. 

Depending on their location, different cameras are programmed to follow specialized functions. All-in-one mobile surveillance units are optimized to work under any type of condition.  

Their patented Spotter or Recon cameras are ideal for farm crops and empty project sites. Their long-range view discreetly discovers potential threats or searches for a person of interest. 

Short-Duration Projects 

If you have a site for sale, or a one-night event at one of your empty lots, mobile surveillance may be a better, more cost-effective option than a traditional system. 

Mobile units can be on-site in hours without the hassle or expenses of a full-scale security design and installation. Best of all, they include our 100% US-based remote monitoring team in case things go south. 

If surveillance on the go sounds right for you, why not contact us and ask how we can help? 




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