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Why Companies Are Turning to Live Security Camera Monitoring

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How Fort Worth Area Businesses Are Boosting Security and Efficiency with Live Camera Monitoring 

As one of the biggest video surveillance companies in Texas, we have our pulse on the biggest trends in the industry. One trend we're watching for is the increased popularity of our live security camera monitoring services, particularly in the Fort Worth, TX, area. Though we've offered this solution for years, recently, businesses have come to understand why it's such an essential tool in their security arsenal. 

In this blog, we highlight the growing need for enhanced security services in the area and the specific benefits live monitoring offers across a wide range of industries. 

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A Rising Need for Security Measures in Fort Worth

Both local crime rates and business trends have made commercial security a top priority in the area. The Fort Worth Police Department reported a 2.3% increase in burglary/breaking and entering incidents in the first quarter of 2023 and a 19.6% increase in robberies. It's more important than ever for properties to have proactive security to avoid crime.

At the same time, Fort Worth is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, with an annual economic growth of almost 4% year over year. It's a highly competitive market where you must prevent incidents while protecting your bottom line and staying ahead of your local competition. 

The Benefits of Live Video Monitoring 

Live remote video surveillance takes your security from passive to proactive. With advanced surveillance cameras offering real-time footage, you can preemptively identify threats and react instantly to emergencies with the help of certified security professionals.

For instance, consider a potential break-in scenario. With live monitoring, the system will detect unusual activity, alert the necessary personnel, and even deter the intruder with an audio warning or spotlight. 

The return on investment is substantial, from reduced loss due to theft or damage to increased operational efficiency by limiting on-site security guards. In today's world, live monitoring is a wise business investment.

Reliable Security Measures for Any Application

In an area as focused on diversifying its economy as Forth Worth, it's crucial to have customizable security solutions. As security professionals, we've seen various industries in Fort Worth turning to live security camera monitoring.  

Retail stores are using it to deter theft and ensure customer safety. Manufacturing plants are leveraging it to monitor operations and safeguard valuable equipment, while property management companies are employing it to protect their assets and provide peace of mind to tenants. The beauty of live monitoring is its versatility—it can be tailored to meet the unique security needs of virtually any industry. 

Need to improve the security in your Fort Worth-area business? Don't settle for bargain-bin protection for your property. The experts at Cameras Onsite will create a solution tailored to your needs. Schedule an initial consultation with our team by calling, chatting with us below, or filling out our contact form. 




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