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Protect Your School with a Security Monitoring Service


How Adding Professional Security Monitoring Improves School Safety and Gives You Peace of Mind

Security systems are vital for every commercial space, including schools. As we’ve seen over the years and even in recent weeks, the threat of theft and violence is a very sad possibility at your school or campus. Unfortunately, conventional solutions - such as a lone security guard or a few cameras - are no longer sufficient to keep schools secure.

Today, many advanced security systems and solutions offer the next level of protection. One of these solutions is security monitoring. It’s one thing to have a surveillance system in place; it’s a completely different approach when you hire a professional security monitoring service for your San Antonio, TX, school.

Read on to learn about the benefits of having 24/7 monitoring of your security system and entire property. 

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Be Everywhere, All the Time!

Sounds impossible, right? The truth is you can keep all eyes on your property 24 hours a day. A security monitoring service helps you do that. With constant camera surveillance, the service can identify any unusual activity, respond to threats, and prevent problems before they happen. But it’s not only about monitoring live camera footage. A monitoring service can also address problems with your system to ensure it’s fully operational when you need it most. 

Take a Proactive Approach

During emergencies, such as a fire or an intruder breaking into the school, the monitoring service helps you take a proactive approach to protect students and faculty members. While you use an emergency notification system to provide an immediate evacuation plan to anyone on campus and employ lockdown procedures, the monitoring service immediately notifies the authorities. Then you can help to take care of your staff and students while the authorities arrive quickly to apprehend the suspect. 

Instill a Sense of Safety 

Remote surveillance and monitoring give students and their parents peace of mind that the school is well protected in the event of a threat. Moreover, faculty members also feel a sense of protection, which helps them perform their daily duties without worries, and students can focus better on their studies.

At the same time, security features like access controls, gunshot detection, face recognition, mass notification messaging, and cameras that use AI to recognize unusual activity can either prevent a violent incursion or minimize loss of life. 

Prevent False Alarms

False alarms can cause panic, especially among children. The last thing you want is upset children in your classroom - whether it’s a real emergency or not. Put a stop to false alarms with a robust, smart security system that is designed to recognize actual threats. Security monitoring also works in tandem with the system to ensure whether a threat is real and when to take immediate action. 

Upgrade the security at your school with a monitoring service. Start your project today by calling us at (877) 418-2268 or filling out an online contact form.




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