Gain Peace of Mind with a School Surveillance System

A school hallway and classroom protected by a school surveillance system.

Ensure Your Students’ & Staff’s Safety with Upgraded Security

Protecting your school and all within it is your top priority - but how can you keep eyes on every corner of your Fort Worth, TX campus grounds at all times? Upgrading your commercial security system and setup ensures you can check in on your students and staff throughout the entire property. A school surveillance system is a smart solution that will give you much-needed peace of mind.

Want to learn more about improving your school security and creating a safe learning space and environment for everyone? Keep reading on below.

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Smart Surveillance Lets You Check In Whenever & Wherever

A school surveillance system gives you eyes to know and see what’s going on throughout the grounds. The ability to check in on an area, hallway, or room within seconds can let you and staff alert the proper authorities or take the next essential steps immediately if need be. Plus, your surveillance system can alert you with instant notifications sent straight to your smartphone or smart devices for the designated staff to respond to and take action.

Manage your system and smart cameras with ease. Watch real-time footage, record videos to save for later, and move cameras around right from your smart device. The surveillance system is under your complete control, giving you the assurance that you can check in and stay in the know at all times. And with its advanced features keeping the system working for you automatically, you never have to worry about any unusual activity either.

Work with Cameras Onsite for Your Extensive Installation

Bringing an integrated surveillance system to your school grounds might feel overwhelming at first - where do you even begin, especially with something so important and crucial to get right? Don’t leave anything up to chance. By working with a professional team of integrators like ours at Cameras Onsite, you can rest assured that your smart surveillance system performs as it should day in and day out. Plus, it’ll be easy to use for you and your staff!

Our surveillance systems are scalable and easily built upon. Even if you start with surveillance cameras throughout the hallways but want to extend to outdoor property or vice versa, you can add to your system with zero hassle. We work with only the most trusted brands and products in the industry, guaranteeing that our smart cameras last and deliver real-time and recorded footage to your smart devices instantly. With advanced video analytics and AI features that can distinguish between everyday routines and potential threats, you can gain peace of mind knowing our trusted systems are protecting your campus and everyone on it.

Want to learn more about bringing a high-end school surveillance system to your campus grounds? Give our team at Cameras Onsite a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you.




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