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Facial Detection: The Ultimate Security Solution for Businesses

a camera scanning the faces of people walking on a sidewalk

Here’s why a facial recognition system is the best way to strengthen business security

Verifying and approving the identities of the people entering the premises of your business is crucial for maintaining security. Whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees, this advanced system ensures that only authorized individuals can access your building or secure locations. 

While there are different approaches you can take, such as scanning IDs, keycards, and PIN codes, a facial recognition system is considered the ultimate security feature for many business owners. With an accuracy of over 97%, facial recognition eliminates the risk of lost ID cards or misused PIN codes and passwords. 

Read on to discover how face detection systems can protect your business in San Antonio, TX. 

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The Working of a Face Detection System

Facial recognition has gained immense popularity among business owners. Before getting to its benefits, let’s look at how the detection system works. 

As you may have already guessed, facial recognition works by scanning a person’s facial features and matching them with the reference image stored in the database. When the system finds a match, access is granted. But if a person’s face is not in the system, then they will not be allowed to enter. It’s much like the face recognition locking feature you may have enabled on your phone. 

The smart AI analytics scan features, such as the distance between the eyes, the jawline’s shape, and the nose’s size with unmatched accuracy. After a thorough (and incredibly fast) analysis, these advanced systems authenticate access. 

A Touchless Solution

Facial recognition technology is essentially a touchless solution that allows employees to gain access without worrying about losing keys or forgetting passwords. 

Instead of carrying IDs or keycards, a person’s facial features become the key to unlocking doors. This makes it pretty convenient for employees to enter the building. Plus, it eliminates the need for waiting in long lines, because the AI system scans facial features within seconds. 

It also reduces the risk of transmission of viruses due because it’s a touchless security solution. This feature makes it an even better business security solution than fingerprint verification. 

Internal Access Control 

A business security system should also account for internal thefts and threats. By implementing facial recognition, you can add internal access control that grants only authorized employees access to sensitive areas. This ensures everyone stays where they are supposed to be. You can also keep a tab on employee activities with internal access control. 

Make business security virtually foolproof by adding a facial recognition system. Cameras Onsite can offer you the most accurate face detection technology for optimal security. Call (877) 418-2268 to get started on your project today. You can also schedule a meeting with our experts by filling out an easy online contact form. 




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