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What is License Plate Recognition?

a security camera installed on a wall

Learn about the workings and benefits of license plate recognition for your business

License plate recognition (LPR) systems are specialized units of surveillance cameras equipped with advanced algorithms capable of recognizing the license plates of vehicles stored in the database. Moreover, these systems can also detect and store new plates. 

The optical data captured by the cameras is quickly turned into digital data. The digital data, in turn, becomes a valuable asset for companies in managing vehicle operations and adding an extra layer of security. 

Read on to discover the benefits of a number plate recognition system for your business in Houston, TX. 


An Extra Layer of Security

Number plate recognition is an excellent way to improve commercial security. The smart cameras are linked to a database where the license plates of all employees, clients, and repeat visitors are stored. 

At the same time, information about terminated employees or stolen vehicles is also stored. If any of these license plates are detected by the cameras, the system can send out an alert, allowing you to take appropriate action. 

It’s an effective way to stop anyone with ill intent from entering the premises of your building. 

Vehicle Access Control

No one can deny the importance of access control and its role in commercial security. With license plate recognition, you can implement vehicle access control. 

Only authorized vehicles will be allowed to enter your premises. Anyone that does not have permission will be stopped at the entry point. License plate recognition also reduces your operational costs. Instead of hiring a dedicated security guard that checks all vehicles entering your building, the smart cameras do the job for you. 

The system can also be used to manage visitors. Pre-store visitor license plate numbers into the database so they can enter the building without hassle. Our license plate recognition systems include intuitive interfaces that make it easy for authorzied personnel to provide and revoke access. 

Ticketless Parking Systems 

Parking has to be one of the most complicated systems to manage in commercial spaces. Fortunately, number plate recognition makes this process hassle-free. 

The smart surveillance cameras focus solely on the plate and can detect the license plates within seconds and let those with permits through. This means no traffic congestion at security checkpoints. You don’t need to add a dedicated ticketing system. Instead, all authorized vehicles can enter smoothly without unnecessary delays. 

License plate recognition boosts  your commercial security system and does so much more. Reach out to Cameras Onsite to get started on your project. Give us a call at (877) 418 – 2268 or fill out our contact form to get started. 




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